We made our first step back in 1962, when Erik Michelsen and Mr. Rasmussen decided to explore a new business venture and founded wholesale business Michelsen&Rasmussen importing German Gabor women shoes. Only a few years later Mr. Rasmussen left the company. However, Erik Michelsen’s two sons Jørgen Michelsen and Jan Michelsen joined the business full time and father and sons worked together until Erik Michelsen passed away in 1979.

The two brothers disagreed on how to run the business. Consequently they split up the company and the wholesale brands.

In 1998 Lars Michelsen, son of Jan Michelsen joined Michelsen&Rasmussen as Joachim Gabor, founder of Gabor stressed a generation change in Denmark. Besides from Gabor women’s shoes the wholesale business counted Ricosta Children’s shoes at the time. In 2002 Geox for all genders was added to the brand portfolio and in 2005 the Gabor produced camel active for men and women outdoor.

In 2018 we signed a contract to distribute Shepherd sheepskin slippers in Denmark.


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